What does it mean to be just, responsible and free?

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The most valuable law of the Universe is the Law of Freedom. Freedom means to respect the integrity of others, unconditionally. Each of us is free to choose what kind of person it will be and how it will feel. The Universe offers the solutions, and a person accepts or rejects them.

If we think that we are the measure of all values, we will not pay attention to suggestions and offers of others. If we then surround ourselves with those that are like us, we will not respect their wishes nor will they respect ours. Together we will bring into reality our freely made decision to have a bad life!.

How can a person live well and happily, if it doesn’t want to change, doesn’t want to see or hear the truth, doesn’t care, or is selfish and furious? It can’t!!!


To be just means to make one owns decisions in accordance with the truth within us; neither because we must do so, because that’s the law, because that’s moral, because we’re raised so, nor because we were so ordered – but because we follow our truth and remain just. That’s what the New World requires from us.

To be responsible – means to be able to defend our decisions and opinions, justify their existence and pay the price of our decisions. Neither because we’re stubborn, because we’re stronger, nor because we simply want so – but because we’re being responsible. That’s what the New World requires from us.