The characteristics of the era of Aquarius are completely visible (the awakening of dormant powers in man and nature, changes in the Earth’s magnetism, vibration changes, changes in human consciousness) so it is irrelevant whether the era already began or is beginning.

It is already present. This era is also called the Era of Silence because it is expected that people will become aware of suppressed and forgotten talents, and all of us have them – a third eye, telekinesis, telepathy… Therefore, we should get to work as soon as possible and achieve such awakening in people. Some will spontaneously awaken this talents, some will wholeheartedly work to awaken them, and for some science will create technology to steer them in this direction.

Mega Brain is an example of such technology. Stimulated by sound and light, the brain becomes active, energized and powerful and begins to consciously look for opportunities to awaken talents. It is recommended for those who are actively changing, as well as those who are in fact passive.

Of course, the path is different for everyone. Some must first calm the brain because they are under stress, while others must activate brain centers due to lack of energy. All individuals begin with the same program – 8 therapies in order to activate dormant centers, connect the left and right side of the brain and globally strengthen the brain. Each therapy ends with binaural beats that have the same goal – to strengthen the brain.

After two to three treatments, the brain actively takes over and suddenly it is easier to learn and understand, have no resistance, and you start to see the environment objectively instead of subjectively, which significantly reduces the level of offensiveness, hurt and anger. You become more relaxed and more pleasant to your environment and to yourself.

After finishing these 8 therapies, you can continue with a therapy of your choosing:

1) A very powerful brain
2) Memory, learning and concentration
3) An extremely powerful brain
4) Understanding and predicting
5) Visualization
6) Open your third eye
7) Cleaning chakrās
8) Cleaning the aura
9) Relaxation
10) Deep relaxation
11) Meditation
12) Boost your metabolism
13) Healing

Programs are tailored for students who are preparing exams; for managers who are under stress; employees who have complicated jobs; spiritualists who want to thrive; ill individuals whose brain can no longer take care of the body; for tired and exhausted…

Contact us and start to strengthen your brain tomorrow!