Leaving the Old World

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The mankind has reached its potential in the Old World. Although wars, domination of individuals, exploitation of nations are still part of our reality, there are many positive trends which affect more and more people, such as the knowledge that is gained, humanity, value for life, order that is being created slowly but steadily.  People should recognize the bright part of reality.

Such positive view is supported by the fact that only few centuries ago, especially in the Middle Ages, human life had no value, with the exception of the life of certain individuals. Back then, plants and animals were not recognized as living beings worthy of care and attention, but only as things.

Looking at the current, Old World, we could wander – if so much good has happened and we have evolved as the human civilization, why should the Old World cease to exist?

We created such world through revolutions, new discoveries and inventions which brought a turnaround in society and changes of the ruling regimes; through development of economy, philosophy and art. All of this enhanced the comfort of living, which is natural and desirable!

The turnaround is taking place today as well. Energy has changed, and so have the people. We have reached a “critical volume” required for serious changes. What does that mean?

Today there is a sufficient number of people which are developed, smart, spiritual, kind, gentle, loving… By their own example, they show we are capable of living well and comfortably, and don’t need to wait for it! Why would we live in a world in which there are still people driven by greed, savages, cannibals, thieves and lairs? What do we need them for?

The Universe offers us a solution. We are not on our own. The Universe takes care of us. In these times, it offers us to move on a higher level.

Let’s move into the New World. Let’s establish new values – those that we cherish. Let’s enter the New World and take our beloved ones into it as well.

Cast aside the lies, irresponsibility, greed, wars, poverty, frustration, traumas.

Let’ make everything what it takes to become the settlers of the New World.