Entering the New World

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Let’s make a hypothetical measurement scale with imaginary scores:

–  negative points (-)

–  positive points (+)

To be able to claim: “I am entering the New World”, let’s say we need to collect 10 positive points.

We get one positive point for each virtue: goodness, willingness to learn, humanity, fairness, responsibility, mercy, tolerance, readiness to help, care for others, engagement for humanity’s well-being, empathy

Negative points we get for deceit, manipulation, laying, criminal activities, laziness, selfishness, envy, stubbornness, rudeness, hysteria, aggression, exploitation of others

Be honest to yourself, observe yourself and score fairly! Add and subtract.

The points are expression of our existence, of our vibration, of that what we are and that what we need to change.

We should throw away old habits, old patterns and gain new ones.

That is not impossible.

Lot of people changed through the spiritual practice of our club. (see the title: How to change?)