Through a series of lectures and workshops, the Course of New World Spirituality enables students to adapt to and use the energy of a New world. The Course teaches theory and practice for human’s energetic existence, possibilities to improve personal energies, psyche and emotions and offers an upgrade of prior knowledge.

Moreover, it gives an insight into the New World, which has already started and has a goal to take human kind into a higher dimension of existence, or better to say higher form of development.



Course lasts for 5 months with 3 hours of theory and practice a month.


  • History of spirituality
  • Era
  • Old and new laws
  • Schumann resonances
  • Energy body 
  • Technique for development on personal energy existence
  • 4th and 5th dimension 
  • Brain frequencies
  • Emotional diagnosis
  • Technique of sharing energy to your environment
  • Working with a pendulum and a lot of other subjects

The Course has additional value of binaural tones and 3D technology of virtual reality. 



Advanced course processes other dimensions of existence and entities on these levels: field of paradox, astral plan, cosmic plan, divine plan and cosmic doctrine with hierarchical levels of ups and downs.

Course lasts for 5 months with 3 hours of lectures and conversations a month.


  • God, Gods and Gods of War
  • Spirit, souls and ghosts
  • Angels
  • Satan, Lucifer, the Devil and demons
  • Aliens
  • Cosmic doctrine


You can sign in via e-mail: or on numbers: +385 91 630 81 34, +385 95 901 52 82