The spirituality club Dora’s Spiritual Hands (from Greek word “doron” = gift) was founded by the people determined to dedicate their education and experience to developing new understandings and rules, to transforming of mind and moving to the higher level of conscience, i.e. New World with real, and not declaratory, values focused on common good.

The time has come for the new spirituality that is not an avoidance of responsibility, escape from reality and unproductiveness, but righteous and responsible path, readiness to initiate events, to create and be conscience.

Man of the New World must be a self-aware, independent person ready to take leadership in the constant process of education and evolution.

New World raises this person on a level of pacifist, cosmopolite, and of open minded explorer looking for the balance between material and spiritual, at the level of citizen of the Universe conscious of the energies, with empathy for its surroundings.

Humanity has been evolving for a thousands of years, but now in the 21st century we have a frustrated society of consumerism, having manners of the cave man.

Do the people really think that we are the only intelligent beings in the Universe? That the brute force and basic impulses are allowed category? That reason for living is to HAVE and OWN?

Through communication with new energy and knowledge, we develop new spirituality with its new rules:

  • Balancing of material and spiritual
  • Elevating of consciousness level; developing righteousness and responsibility
  • Concentrating on global needs, common good
  • Caring  for environment, surroundings and weak ones
  • Deciding and creating

We all notice fast and unpredictable changes of the world due to evolution and faster frequencies movements. All of this is due to new energies, different from the past ones, and man, in synchronicity with it, is evolving, moving to the higher levels of conscience ( in the new world having a new role in life ). New potential and talents are awakening in the nature and in man, giving him new tasks but also new possibilities.

The Man of New World is strong, righteous and responsible, well made personality for whom spirituality is not never-ending work on himself, but personal strength and determination. With New World and new man comes new spirituality. Spirituality in New World is not for chosen few; anyone can become citizen of New world who is righteous, responsible, not turned only to himself, but thinks and takes care of the others, environment, sick, elderly, weak ( plants, animals, children…) and is inclined to be Eco-conscious citizen of the Universe. Man in 21st century has evolved sufficiently that she/he doesn’t have to be obedient and a follower. He has sufficiently developed brain for making decisions and creating, so, as any citizen of Universe, he is expected to participate in the job of safeguarding of Earth and Universe. Everybody up to his capabilities. Above all, here is important part – the will and intent of becoming a New World person, by new way of life, new way of thinking and doing. The time of passivity and introversion has passed, new age requires activity and movements, and a man focused to global change and success and destiny of humanity.

Of course good results are accomplished with perseverance, determination and hard work, often fighting for higher goals. So New World man doesn’t know fear; words like: “can’t”, “do not want to”, “don’t know”, do not cross his lips. Anyone who decides to become New World person and is trying to conduct himself righteously and responsibly, can be enabled and trained to become a healer, clairvoyant, to get answers to all questions and to be able to communicate with new energies.

In prior times spirituality meant secluding oneself and, generally, spiritual passivity. Values of old times masters and their techniques remain, but 20 years of work on oneself doesn’t show global results; only spiritual gurus were active in organized way. Today’s spiritualists tend to balance between material and spiritual dimension. New World man doesn’t want to be passive, but active in creating and playing a useful role in all aspects of his life and existence. Spirituality is not an escape from reality, it is in fact the reality. That is the way of life, and a spiritual person is conscious of it every moment. Constantly he is thinking about what his role is on the earth, how he can by his deeds and existence help other beings in the Universe and contribute to the well being of all.


Each person can contribute to creating a humane and socially conscious society:

  1. Enter the process of energetic transformation

Treatments clean body and mind from the old energies which retain stress, anger, old attitudes and old values, with the New World energies.

Intenseeves are the next phase and extension of this cleansing and effect of the New World energy which brings new ways of thinking, psycho-physiological strength, strong will, absence of fear and stress and changes your life (new job, new people, new opportunities…).

  1. Take it to the educational level

School of spirituality is giving you the basics necessary for advance creation and practice.

  1. Use your knowledge

Activate on spiritual and material plan, join our meditations, lectures and associations. Be just and responsible and Your life will certainly become comfortable!

  1. Help the people in your surroundings to get their chance.