Today’s lifestyle is filled with activities and proving yourself in all areas of life. It requires a person to be very agile, competitive and to have inexhaustible energy. This leads to one’s psycho-physical exhaustion and destruction of material and all other areas of existence.

12 hours brings the energy of the New World, with the purpose of individual’s fast development and transformation into the person of the New world – just, responsible, creative and free.

Activity is divided into three segments. Each begins with psychological self-observation. The participant can thus observe its psychological and spiritual development during 12 hours of activity. The rest of the activity enables the participant to feel rapid energy flows, to release old mindset and old attitudes which limit or block the personal growth.

The goal of this spiritual practice is to bring joy of life, release fears, exchange energy, harmonize frequencies, individual transformation and success.

Face the despair and bad habits, get out of the routine and become a creative creator of your own life. Become an example for others that life can be better!


12 hours of New World energy includes:

  1. Psychological analysis with visualization – what are we like, what is our soul like, how do we perceive life and problems, how do we present ourselves to others
  2. Therapy – our angelic and demonic aspect
  3. Mental Workshop –  changing and rebuilding our own life
  4. Ritual attachment of initiation masks that energize and purify
  5. Technique for activation of male principle – strength
  6. Technique for activation of female principle – release and forgiveness
  7. Autogenic training with energizing
  8. Self-reflection and concentration technique
  9. Pink and Blue Roses Meditation
  10. Release Meditation
  11. Inner Smile Meditation
  12. Technique of opening to the Universe – taking and giving
  13. Affirmations
  14. Running and Throne Meditation
  15. Sinnerman Meditation
  16. Ritual removal of blindfolds and masks

For more information and registration contact us on the phone  095 9015 282 or via e-mail